First Father’s Day

Sunday was Benne’s first Father’s Day. I didn’t really plan anything, so we just let the day unfold. The day’s events were:

French toast breakfast a la Papa. Benne usually makes breakfast so he had to guide me through this one.

Pool time with Charlotte, and then laps for mom & dad.

Lunch at the gym, with a nice view of the mountain (seriously).

A walk at Kirstenbosch (yep, again).

Home to a fire and dinner, which now that I think about it, Papa fixed.

All-in-all, not a bad day.

Do you have a flag?

Why yes…yes we do.


Charlotte had her first pool experience. Robin had the great idea to get C used to pool time early and got her a nice little swimsuit/nappy. We took turns around the pool with little miss C who loooooved it. No dunking of her head yet. That may be next lesson. C has a mighty kick so I am sure she will a great little swimmer.

A new US citizen

Charlotte got her US passport. The US consulate services beat the Dutch in speed by several weeks. She now has a ticket on a helicopter out if need be. US consular services are pretty great and professional if you’re applying for a US visum (at least I always found them to be so) but the citizen services really rock.

All that remains is to learn the pledge of allegiance etc. “One nation, under Canada, indivisible…”

The freshly-minted US citizen and her proud mom.

The freshly-minted US citizen and her proud mom.

A happy newly-minted US citizen.


Robin is extremely good at coming up with new games to play with Charlotte. One is called airplane which makes tummy-time for Miss C a lot more enjoyable.

Beach Walk in Arniston

Part of the program at Arniston was a free afternoon. We used it to go for a walk on the beach with C. We all throroughly enjoyed it. C slept for most of it. So it goes. Got some great pictures.

Book Touching

One of Charlotte’s favorite pastimes is going over to places and looking/touching them. Especially the bookcase with the riot of colors and textures is a go-to place for her. Her granddaddy would be proud. Mom & dad are. Here you see her checking out the spines of various books.

First Images from KAT

And another non-Charlotte related post. The KAT-7 prototype for the MeerKAT telescope (the one I was kinda hired to work on…) has produced its first images. One was made with a single telescope scanning across Centaurus A and the second one was made by four telescope working together, allowing a zoom-in on the centre of CenA (as it is affectionately known in Astronomy).

Of course there had to be a press release.


The Motherload

Winter is here. We needed more cloth diapers. While one dozen is on duty, one dozen in the wash and one dozen drying. So Robin ordered more. For the Arniston trip, we brought pretty much all. Here is an idea how many naps that is:


We had another UCT-ICRAR workshop, this time in South Africa. Since I did not want to abandon Robin and Charlotte, we all trucked out to Arniston for a three day workshop. It was a good workshop. And the Hotel was pretty so R&C got to enjoy seeside views.

Of course there are pictures. Robin took a whole bunch of nice ones of Miss C. Then I took more. So many of our trip pictures are of the baby.