Scooting around in Kirstenbosch

Little miss C has started scooting around. She means to go forward but ends up going further from her goal. We were picknicing in Kirstenbosch and she scooted right off the blanket. As it turns out, grass is very interesting too.


Charlotte and Robin found another fun game to play. Charlotte already loves horsey riding on a parental knee but know she added her own soundeffect. Papa tried to take some cell phone video of it:



She loooooves going aaaaaaaaaah while horsey riding.

Day at the Beach

Kerry turned 40 this week and she celebrated in style with a braai/party at a beach house in Kommetjie. And we (Robin, Benne and the Bean) got to stay over. Awesome. Party, snooze, wake-up, lazy day at the beach. Brilliant. I had to teach on Monday morning. Otherwise we would have stayed on.

pictures? aplenty.

Happy Skypers

Contact with the family is mainly through email, facebook and skype with Fran & Bob in Kentucky, Liz, Bruno & the boys in chile, Janke in Holland and us here in Cape Town. While skyping with Fran, she caught a very nice picture of two happy skypers:

Aren’t the two of them cute?

Rip rip rip!

Charlotte loves playing with things. She got a hold of a design special from Robin’s visi magazine. Nom!, *crumble*, drool!, rip rip rip.

Nom Nom Nom

Charlotte is getting better and better at this whole “eating” thing. Not only does she like her porridge, she eats more and more of it. Yesterday, she grabbed the spoon and shoved it in her mouth herself. Dad was taking too long…

Charlotte in her new special chair for eating in.


it was another gorgeous day on Sunday so we all trooped over to Kirstenbosch. Ran into several other fresh parents we know. yay. There is a new pavilion in Kirstenbosch with a SA take on the living wall. Some pictures.

Charlotte’s first bites

Charlotte has been grabbing our bowls, utensils, napkins and eyeing our food for some time now. We decided that she might be up for more than just milk. Time to start introducing solids. “Solid” is a misnomer. Dribbly milk is more like it but she got it via a tiny spoon and yummed it all up. Good family times were had all round.

Of course we took some pictures. Now to slowly get her on other foods like avocado, apple, pear, bananas etc etc. It promises to be quite the ride. So today we bought a high-chair as well.

Stylin’ in vintage threads

Yesterday we got a box of goodies from Nonna Janke in the post, including fun stuff she had knitted for Benne when he was a baby. She also sent his old bear, Ursus (aka Susses), wearing this cute sweater that Benne only fit in for a week or two. The good news is Charlotte still fits in it! And Ursus will get it back when she grows out of it.

Charlotte the blogger

She has discovered the keyboard. I have to unplug it now before she starts blogging more than me (admittedly, not a difficult goal). She looks like she’s having a grand ol’ time, doesn’t she?